Ben Quilty: Free Fall


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108 pages
Published by Penguin Random House and Lantern Press
ISBN: 9781761046834

Designed by Art Ink’s in-house design team, Hayman Design, and published by Penguin Random house, this visually striking anthology presents a series of work that explore the centrality of violence, ritual and friction within Australia’s cultural identity.

Inspired by George Bellow’s infamous ‘boxing’ paintings, Quilty’s visceral vignettes of amorphous figures in the throes of combat present a poignant commentary on the violent coming-of-age rituals popular amongst young Australian men. His gestural impasto paintings are a reminder of Australia’s tendencies towards violence. Whether it be through the violent frontier wars of the past, or the testosterone-fuelled riots of the present, Quilty brings to the surface a sinister undercurrent of Australian culture that is often sanitised by romanticised visions of a utopian beach-side society.

‘Free Fall’ captures the incredible detail and complexity of Quilty’s impasto paintings through a series of high-quality illustrations. The book also features an essay by Milena Stojanovska.

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